Privacy Policy

Commitment to Privacy
You are reading this because you are concerned about your privacy. We are just as concerned about your privacy and trust this privacy policy will alleviate your concerns.

Commitment to Data Security
This website is hosted by a nationally recognized hosting service. This website and any data you provide is protected by their standard security procedures. Additionally, users who register to receive updates are provided a password to their profile. Please protect this password from unauthorized use by others.

Patient Information
Patients must not put personally identifiable medical information into the contact form. Patient Privacy Information is contained in the Patient Portal, which is linked to by this site but is wholly contained outside of this site and is not part of this site. Any login or patient information provided to the Patient Portal is not transmitted through this site.

Online Collected Information
The only information collected by this website is contact information input by users into the contact form for answers to questions or into a subscription form for notification of site content changes. Users of the site may or may not be patients.

Contact Form minimum information:

  • first name (or what you want to be called in an email or phone response)
  • email address

Subscriber minimum information:

  • username (made up by you)
  • email address

No patient treatment information is contained on this website.

Use of Your Information
We use the information you provide to inform you of changes/additions to the website if you subscribe to receive such information.
We may also send you the occasional advertisement about a business special.
We will not share or sell your information to third parties.

Payment Information
If you purchase a product or service advertised on this site, please provide your credit card information via a method other than this website; you may provide it by phone, letter, in person, or email if you desire. Please be advised that we are not responsible for the security of credit card information should you choose to provide it through the website or if you send it through email, or while it is in transit through any mail carrier. While we will make every effort to protect it once we receive it, we do not use encryption devices other than that which is provided by email providers through which information flows, or the minimum security of a website on a standard WordPress platform.

Purchased made through the JuicePlus portal are made through a website hosted by JuicePlus. Any information provided there does not flow through this website.

Contacting Me About Your Information
You may contact the office through any means displayed on the website to discuss any concerns you have about this privacy policy or your information.