My Philosophy of Chiropractic Medicine

Because of the impact Chiropractic has had on my personal health, I believe in the benefits of Chiropractic care for my patients.

I have a “patient-first” philosophy. During my first consultation with a patient, and all subsequent consultations, my goal is to identify the problem and give only the treatments necessary to restore the patient to maximum health.

Where necessary, I will work closely with your referring physician to help restore you back to health. Or, I may refer a patient to a primary care physician if the condition requires treatment outside the scope of chiropractic medicine.

I believe in staying current on developments in chiropractic medicine, and continue to learn and train in advanced treatment methodologies so I can provide you the best possible care.

You are my neighbors and I want to see you well. I want be your Chiropractor when you need one, so I’m here to help and answer any questions you may have. Stop by any time.